Building a network of competent tech professionals

Digital Witch is a platform and a community where everyday people are trained and equipped with globally relevant in-demand IT skills and transformed into tech professionals.

We offer on-hands and practical classes that ensure that our students have an immersive learning experience and practice as they learn. This ensures that they are vast in knowledge and also have the depth that is borne from practising.

Alongside these technical skills, we also equip our students with soft skills needed to aid their application for jobs and their performance on the job.

Learning with Digital Witch means that you get to be a part of a growing and thriving global professional community. This community is always open and available for growing professionals to connect, interact, network, and share insights and experiences.

Why Digital Witch?

Our unique blend of hands-on teaching, soft skills integration and an always-available community provides you with the launchpad and platform needed to both start and scale your IT career. We train you and then stand behind and around you to cheer you on and offer you all the support that you need.

In Demand SKills

Get equipped with up-to-date knowledge of tech skills that raise your employability

Practical Approach

Learn from scratch and build your competence in a practical environment

Lifetime Access

Be able to access the course and training materials over and again

Community Support

Join a global community of other upwardly mobile professionals for support


Strengthen your networking muscles by getting connected to fellow professionals.


The course is designed to start from the basics and walk you through all the elemental knowledge you need. Our curriculum is simplified and you would be able to learn regardless of your technical background. Note: You must already be able to use a system.

Yes, you can. We are quite flexible and you will find a schedule that fits you.
It holds on zoom. You will be added to a closed WhatsApp group but the class is on zoom.
The classes are recorded so everyone can still access it after the live class.
The course holds for three (3) weeks and classes are on Thursdays and Saturdays between 9 am and 12 noon. However, there might be changes and this will be duly communicated.
Yes, you can. However, you won't be added to the group/class till you complete your payment.
Our classes are held monthly. You can always join the next batch.
No! We do not give jobs. However, we ensure that you are well prepared to ace the processes of getting a job (with our combination of hard and soft skills training).
You can access the course on both your laptop and your mobile phone. We however recommend that you use a computer as there are limitations to what a phone can do. For laptops, we recommend a minimum of a system with Windows 10, core i5, 4GB RAM or above with a functional webcam and inbuilt speaker. Anything higher than this is great.

Yes! Our system is built to offer you support even after the class. We have permanent WhatsApp and Telegram groups where students are supported 24/7.

Still confused and want to ask further?